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Warranty healthcheck.
Operational healthcheck.
Pre-Owned process.
Business planning.
Facility planning.
Customer retention.

How We Work

Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, then, developing solutions best for you and your team. We work closely with our business partners, consultants and trainers to ensure that the level of service is the best available and that your business is taken care of first. It is with our customers at the front and center of everything we do that makes us stand out, deliver the results that you expect and drive your business forward.

Who We Are...

Greg Aguilera founded IAC with the vision to bring process and business change support to the aftersales area of the automotive industry. With 27 years of technical and management experience in the automotive industry spanning 3 continents, taking the best from all regions of the world to help clients in Canada and Europe and beyond


Full understanding of the automotive industry from design to manufacturing, distribution and retail enables IAC to offer your team advice that is simple and uncomplicated yet meeting all manufacturer requirements.

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Greg Aguilera

Automotive consultant

From the age of 5, replacing a set of brake pads with his dad, Automotive is in the blood so to speak, with a career that has taken Greg around the world, its now that he is able to offer this experience in developing businesses of all sizes in all aspects of dealer operations.

Think, eat and sleep automotive, the only way to be the best.