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A much-needed spotlight on lighting

Posted On: August 16, 2019

Let’s talk about lighting! This might seem like a straight-forward topic, but there’s far more to it for both your facility and your operations than simply flicking a switch. 


As a young mechanic I worked in some very poorly lit workshops. Looking back, I remember walking outside to get the next car and feeling instant relief. That’s when I personally noticed the effect light has on people, how they work, and how they feel. Working in those poorly-lit caves it’s no wonder I was craving those brief moments of sunlight.  


If you’ve ever struggled with jetlag or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) you too know the impact and effect light can have on your wellbeing. But while a lack of light can impact us so negatively, strong and effective lighting can give bodies and minds such a boost. 


Light tone and brightness effects not only mood but wellness and even cognitive ability. There are countless studies that prove light has a significant impact on our behaviour, attitudes, and our performance.  


That’s why it just makes sense to design, build and even retrofit your facility with lighting that improves mood, which turns into higher productivity via longer concentration times and happier staff.  


When looking at your lighting in the workshop, or anywhere else in your facility, you should employ the services of a lighting engineer or designer who will determine the best lighting figure for your space.  

(The lighting figure is comprised of the colour or “temperature” of the light, and the light’s brightness.)  


For workshop areas, the typical lighting figure’s colour or light temperature will be between 3,500K and 5,000K. Complementing this, you should aim for above 500 Lumens (light strength) measured at head height. This coupled with a clean and bright wall and floor combination will create a stunning looking shop and facility that emanates energy and vitality.  


For your parts department the same applies, however depending on the size of the warehouse and if it’s on more than one floor you can incorporate some form of smart control lighting such as PiR sensors that ensures the unused areas are not lit when empty. 


Great lighting in your dealer also encourages everyone to be a little neater. Gone will be the tendency to leave things in dark corners, along with that “out of sight, out of mind” thinking.  


If possible, also consider incorporating natural lighting such as skylights into your lighting plan. This not only reduces energy costs but helps to further improve the wellness factor and your customers’ view of your dealer. 


With an upgraded lighting system, your business will stay looking fresher and neater for longer with happier, more productive staff who aren’t needing to pop outside to feel energized. 

To learn more, visit the International Association of Lighting Designers’ website  www.iald.org for helpful general information to get you started. Or for more specific information with respect to dealers, contact us at International Automotive Consulting Ltd. (greg@intautoconsulting.com) and become enlightened.